About Me


is a freelance photographer and artist,
based in Nachod, Czech Republic,
whose work focuses mainly on fine art mixed media images, 
photographs and drawings. 

She attended the Institute of Creative Photography on the Silesian University, 
Opava in Czech Republic..

Before she became the photographer,
she had been working as librarian in Nachod and in Prague in her young years.
Then she worked as a graphic designer for an illuminated advertising company. 

Michaela has been working on her own from 2005. 


Michaela was interested in drawing pictures from her early childhood
and attended basic art school. 

From late 1990s she start to create photographs. Mostly black and white fine art images
by a classical method, often using of a multiexposure and a blur,
with own finishing in the darkroom.
She took part in plenty of photographic activities,
such as competitions and exhibitions
with acclaim of experts as well as public.
/e.g. the award of the 2004 Photographer Of The Year
- of Foto Video Magazine, Prague, etc./
Michaela has been attended the 
Conservatory of Photography in Hradec Kralove
for three years.


Words of doc. MgA. Josef Ptáček, FAMU Prague - the curator of her exhibition
The Other Sides
/with Renata Steparova/ in the gallery of Czech National Bank, Prague, 2004:
"The photographs of Michaela Stejskalova
don´t try to be pretentious
or even be manipulated
into attracive levels.
This is a little work of art, full of individual taste and picture action. The author works
largely by an intuitive method, using her sensibility. There is a pleasant lightness
in her images, blazing with a variety,
which doesn´t want to be a moment of truth
without an alternative. She has been giving enough
space of own imagery to viewers of her images."


FOR SALE:   Signed prints of Michaela´s images on quality archival paper Ilford GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Smooth, acid free. 
And some originals. 


For more information on Michaela's work, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch by e-mail.

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